Even Ikea deserved to be personalised. Contemporary comfort and functionality with a twist of art. Contact us to find out how your Ikea unit can be transformed in to custom piece.


about me

My name is Demi, and I am the re-designer, painter, maker and everything in between here at
Dresser and Drawer. Creating furniture design does not heave to be complicated or energy insufficient -there is hundreds of amazing quality vintage furniture waiting to become bespoke luxury items. With a young family, I found I had a less time to feel good. I needed something creative to do, instantly see transformation and uniqueness…

And my answer was furniture! So, I started to repurpose small items and moved to bigger like sideboards and drawers. I believe every person is gifted with natural beauty of inner self and need for aesthetics and art - I want my furniture to compliment that. All my pieces are properly prepared and painted high quality paint and has bespoke design.

I also work with commissioned pieces, so please contact me if you would like something made especially for you.


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