vintage black painted sideboard decorated with japanese bird design. Black painted modern sideboard decorated oriental art.

Why you shouldn't throw away grandma's furniture.

How we transform vintage furniture from boring to luxury

Your auntie or grandma passed away and you have this difficult task to clear the house! Ufff... Many of us been or will be in this situation when we have to make hundreds of decisions about all those possessions... 
But don't rush to get rid of everything! Get another look to furniture - maybe you see antique dressing table or Art deco wardrobe. All those pieces with character and history can be discovered one more time. Manufactured 50 - 60 years ego this fabulous furniture is probably still in good shape or could be easily mended.
Vintage black painted sidebord decorated with H Rousseau inspired jungle design.
Refinished furniture has incredible potential to become champion of your interior - eyeball magnet and real conversation starter on your parties for years! 
and this the best part is that You choose design!
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