How we get from A to Z

How we get from A to Z

Most important steps towards bespoke upcycled furniture, that we create together

When I say “this is available for commission” what do I mean by that? It means that this particular design you are seeing in the picture can be transferred on different furniture.  I use the découpage technique most of the time and the furniture varies in size and shape, so I will custom design the vintage furniture we are getting for you. It will look slightly different but still keeps its look. Not every design has good fit to piece of furniture – portrait shape design won’t work on sideboard etc.

I am upcycling vintage or modern furniture and mostly it’s one of its kind. One of first things I want to know is approximate size requirements. Good news with upcycled furniture that things like hight can be adjusted with new legs. Shape and purpose are even more important things to know for sourcing furniture, also where your new furniture will placed – the room itself…

Maybe you have vintage or modern furniture that works perfectly in your home and just need a bit of refinishing. In that case we don’t need to do any sourcing and process speeds up

Ones you decided what is the furniture for, what size and shape we can move to the fun part – choosing colours of paint and design. If you haven’t chosen anything from our portfolio and don’t know how exactly your upcycled sideboard or drink cabinet should look like, I will create the concept and pick a design that tells your story and catches everybody’s eyes. Again – I like to know about the interior of the room – it’s style, colours, texture, artwork, wallpaper, floor, and things like that. Quick mock-up can help to visualise the end results and choose design.

Ones we know what colour your sideboard will be painted and what piece of digital artwork it’s getting, you can choose hardware – handles, legs, sometimes hinges… I always try to reuse original knobs and legs revitalising it with spray paint or simply polishing. Most of the time furniture gets new accessories to fit a fresh style of furniture I create.

In every step you will be updated with the progress and will have a good picture of the process.

Now when everything is sanded, mended, painted and another 100 steps complete your bespoke furniture is being packed and sent to you by a trusted courier. I always love to know, how it fits in the room and your feedback is very important to me. It’s always a pleasure to know my clients better and create something unique together. 

It’s always a pleasure to know my clients better and create something unique together. 

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